Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Spit-Roasting of Rand Paul Was Utterly Refreshing | Not enough politicians get called out on these grounds in official settings.

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The part about ‘Fire Fauci’ button on Rand Paul’s website is really telling. Wow


Rand Paul is a piece of shit who’s bad for the country. Attacking our chief virologist in a public health crisis for political gain… if there is a scummier thing a person can do in his position, I can’t think of it. How many people has Rand Paul killed indirectly by convincing Republican voters that their health officials are liars who shouldn’t be trusted?


When I watch these exchanges, my anger level goes up dramatically. Fauci sits there and listens intently without a peep until Rand Paul is finished. Then when Fauci tries to speak, Paul interrupts him and he never gets to complete a sentence. I yelled at my screen today for the first time….ever.


Spit-Roasting….. I do not think that word means what you think it means.


Fauci spit-roasting Rand Paul sounds like the worst porn ever.