Graphene could replace rare metal used in mobile phone screens. New study, published in the journal Advanced Optical Materials, is the first to show graphene can replace Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) in an electronic or optical device. Graphene-OLED has identical performance to an ITO-OLED.

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Your friendly neighborhood physicist here to remind you it took like 300 years to figure out what electricity was good for. Graphene is an amazing material and is in its infancy in terms of development. Edit: got grammar-nazied


So many articles about what graphene COULD do. Is there any actual real world applications for this stuff, or are they all in development still?


Currently writing my thesis on TADF emitters for use in OLEDs as replacements for ITOs, platinum and iridium complexes. Should really go do some work on that rather than browse reddit aimlessly, come to think of it…


So we dont need to capture a deadly asteroid to harness more of the rare minerals?


I heard a saying once about graphene: It can do EVERYTHING except leave the lab.