Its highly concerning that some theists still equate ‘the atheistic world view’ to communism, battle royale etc.

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“Religion is the opium of the people. It is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of our soulless conditions.” -Karl Marx Marxists believe in a word with no religion or racism. During the cold war they were called “godless communists”. Religious people would use this as a scare tactic, like like losing religion and racism would be a bad thing. Those same people would call Stalin a Marxist even though he was not at all.


“Christian/Islamic values like not having sex before marriage…” Doesn’t say much when they move marriage to nine years old!


Evolution explains how man came from apes, their book says man was created as is, by god, only one of the two can be true, it seems natural to me that they have a problem with evolution.. especially with all the evidence for evolution.. at this point it’s pretty much like flat earthers denying the shape of the planet.. it’s not a real debate


The idea of “the atheistic world view ” is another example of shit made up by believers. And this shit, just like many other made up stuff, simly does not exist.


Religious people think they have the market on morality cornered. They believe in making moral choices because they’ll go to hell if they don’t. They think that we don’t make moral choices because we don’t believe in hell. I was raised to be a good person. We have a finite time here on this garbage fire of a planet, and I choose to do the right things. I word hard to make other people happy because that means that I’ve used my time to make an impact on the people I care about. Smiles and laughs from loved ones is my heaven.