Joe Manchin Falsely Says Filibuster Has Existed 232 Years

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“It’s old, therefore we should keep it.” And that explains the average age of American Politicians.


Joe Manchin is an uneducated idiot (who is only interested in his own gain). I thought everyone knew that.


Imagine being THE center of a national scale political controversy and then get basic, basic things wrong about it when questioned. Like, comeon, joe. Like with the BBB. in spring he’s like lets do it! and now he’s like “i have objections and i won’t tell you what they are but you’ve been really mean about them so I just don’t see how you’ll ever compromise your way out of this situation but i guess you can keep trying to compromise but im still not gonna tell you what i want changed. i was pretty strong defender of manchin at first because i really liked majority leader schumer but he hasn’t won any points from me lately


By all means, keep the filibuster; the same way that it’s done in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. It’s supposed to be an extraordinary measure for the most serious of issues, not a way to shut everything down. If Republicans want to try and do that, let them stand for it, literally.


Ok…well 232 years ago, West Virginia wasn’t a state. Let’s go back to that, for tradition’s sake All in favor? *gavel*