LPT Never speak badly about someone’s ex after they just broke in an attempt to comfort them, because chances are high that they could get back together, and even if they don’t, you’re shitting on a choice they made

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I just let them complain and say stuff like “for real?” or “wow, that’s messed up” or “damn.” If your conversation is like two people dancing, let the dumper / dumpee lead


You can talk about behaviours their ex did, so they recognise things that aren’t acceptable. Rather than “they were a piece of shit”. Say “you shouldn’t have to deal with somebody who treats you like that/does X to you”. Then if they get back together you haven’t criticised the person. Also if the ex is abusive they can drive a wedge between you “they never liked me, you shouldn’t listen to them”. Much harder to say “they never liked it when I did X” as that’s clearly a toxic behaviour.


The real question here is how and why the ex broke.


As someone who went through a recent breakup as well as helped someone leave a bad relationship, yes yes yes. I had to tell a friend his gf was not treating him right, but I never said she was a piece of shit. Only that she was troubled and probably not the right person for him.