The first comprehensive analysis of drinking water quality in California finds that 370,000 or more rely on drinking water that may contain unsafe chemical contaminants and that communities of color are more likely to be impacted.

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Hasn’t it been pretty well known poorer communities tend to see higher rates of cancerous chemicals in like everything? Literally the high school I went to is being sued because it was built right next to a nuclear waste dump from WW2, and students that went there years ago are dying due to cancer at outrageous rates now


According to the EPA, about 3,000 of 40,000 chemicals used in consumer goods have been tested rigorously for human safety. They’re working on about 300 cases atm. We’re picking around the edges of an ever-growing disaster, measuring how bad it is, while Innovative Researchers develop the next toxic applications to go uncatalogued in new products and their production processes. Our water here is contaminated because an entrepreneur invested in goretex production on this plain a few decades ago. Cheers buddy! To stop having a toxic world we have to keep measuring we should stop making a toxic world I reckon


Headline shouldn’t be “communities of color” but “People in lower income areas”


How does the California government manage to route the chemicals to the communities of color?


That the number is so low is kind of unexpected. The demographic it affects is not.