What’s your wholesome experience with a stranger?

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I was once walking down an empty street late at night alone to find my dog. A stranger who was heading home stopped to help me find my dog and didn’t leave until I found him.


There is an older guy that rides his bike the same route as me. Every time we see each other we race. I ride fixed, he’s a roadie. We don’t even really talk to each other, we just race. I haven’t seen him a long time, but I was driving one day and saw him riding a fixed gear bike and I got all excited.


Once when I was still in my “paint it black” phase I went to the grocery store with my dad. (Keep in mind this is a very conservative semi small church culture town.) I am above average height and that day I was wearing high heel boots. So there I am with the black dress and the fringe and everything and this tiny old woman randomly approached me. My heart freezes for a second. I flinch inwardly. “You are so tall, my darling! And so very pretty!” (Rough translation.) This tiny ass old church looking lady came over not to ridicule me but to give me a genuine compliment and my heart just melted. I still think about it regularly.


2…one where I was the good guy and one where I got helped by the good guy. 1. I was on a flight from Europe to the US. We were flying with our 6 month old baby. Flight was fine, baby slept most of the time and I struck up a conversation with some Swiss dude sitting next to me. We land in DC and have about a 4 hour layover. A couple hours into the layover, while wandering around, some guy runs up to us. It was the dude from the plane…we had forgotten our baby’s blanket on the plane but he had remembered that we were flying on to Oklahoma City so he had taken it to the gate for our next flight and given it to the staff with a description of us. Super cool dude. 2. Once I was walking home from work and saw this little girl, probably like 8 or 9 years old standing on the sidewalk. She was alone, crying and looked distressed. I asked if she needed help and she told me that her band practice or whatever had ended early but she couldn’t call her mom to come pick her up because some bullies had stolen her cell phone. I live in a busy city and felt bad because people were just walking by and not helping her. Luckily she knew her mom’s number so I called her mom, explained the situation, gave her the phone so that she could talk to her mom and then waited there with her until her mom got there to pick her up.


I was crossing the street in between the crosswalks, so like at the middle of the block, and this much older Chinese man who was doing food delivery on a bicycle was also crossing but from the opposite side. We kind of came like diagonally at each other and couldn’t decide who should move over to let the other pass so we wound up standing face-to-face with each other and not moving for like 10 seconds, and then we both just bursted out laughing and went our separate ways lol. It was such a perfect, comically human moment that for some reason I feel lucky to have shared with a stranger. Here are two people who couldn’t be more different from one another, and for a single moment in time, and without exchanging a single word, we totally understood each other.