White House allies split over inflation plan as Biden focuses on corporate greed

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Ah, great idea. Shame the corporations into ending inflation. How could we forget such a potent economic tool? I got my MA in Applied Economics and we barely covered the effect that presidential shaming has on inflation.


The White House is really channeling the spirit of Hugo Chavez here with its latest batch of inflation talking points. I guess they must have exhausted their ability to invent increasingly novel explanations for inflation had had to resort to recycling material from tin pot dictatorships.


Im ok with blaming corporate greed but there has to be action as well. There was recently an anti trust lawsuit filed against yale and other ivy leagues for denying aid. What about in this case? Where are all the lawsuits coming from the biden admin?


FFS, this is how dems lose elections and can’t get out of their own way on painting a narrative. Even if you think it’s corporate greed, STFU about it. Focus on the supply chain which is far less political than just attacking corporations.


Shouldn’t government bonds at least return more than a negative effective rate? Whys is acceptable to loan them money but receive less than what you loaned them originally in return?