A tech founder born in the Soviet Union compared metaverse hype to the communist propaganda he experienced as a child

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All this “metaverse” is just a legal move, imo. Because Europe and other countries are making laws to Crack down on Zuckerberg. And America is slowly catching on. If they are a defined company that provides specific services, there can be laws enacted against them. If they can change how their company operates and attempt to make it undefined, then it would be more difficult to enact laws against them and have accountability.


All the things people are hyping we will be doing in the metaverse in 5 years, people also said we would use second life for when it came out


What “hype”? Seriously, WHAT HYPE? There was an announcement. That is it. The closest thing to “hype” surrounding this plan are the articles talking about it, and even they don’t say anything.


It’s hype ? By some tech “specialists” here and there. All I read and hear is that no one trusts Zuckerberg and believe meta is a cyberpunk dystopia in the making. I’m not interested in it, of course they have unlimited fund to make something relevant and marketed to hell…but I don’t believe it’s going to be the next big thing


The idea of the metaverse sounds cool I just don’t trust any of the existing tech companies to do it without turning it into a hellhole.