Everyone dies, but some people die and are revived. So statistically speaking the average number of deaths per person is higher than 1.

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“You friend here is only mostly dead” – Miracle Max


I would argue that more people are currently alive than have ever been resuscitated, so actually, the average number of deaths per person is LESS than 1


I see a lot of people arguing here, so I feel a distinction should be made between clinically dead and brain dead. Being clinically dead means that all bodily functions expect for your brain are stopped. This is a recoverable state, and can be induced for difficult surgeries. Being brain dead means the electrical signals in your brain have stopped. You cannot recover from being brain dead, but you can be kept “alive” with machines. Either of these states can be entered at different times, but being clinically dead for about twenty minutes will render you brain dead. Being truly dead requires both conditions to be met, so nobody can be revived from being truly dead.


If you can be revived, you weren’t dead. “Clinically dead” only speaks to the terms of our arbitrary definitions and the limits of our current medical technology.


To your edit… shower thought lurkers in sort by new are genuinely the most argumentative people you will meet on Reddit.