Facebook contractors threaten to stop work over missing paychecks

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Yes, I would stop working if I didn’t get paid as well.


When we talk about race, ethnicity, and social classes, we seldom think about how corporations create socioeconomic classes of workers by using contractors and subsidiaries, both domestic and foreign. In some businesses, it definitely feels like the haves and have-nots.


If you look at the account deactivated / disable megathread on r/Instagram, hundreds of user accounts are being disabled for unknown reasons. When people reach out to customer service, they are told due to a support staffing shortage, their account won’t be re-enabled. This has been going on for several weeks and I wonder if this contractor location has something to do with it.


I used to work for a Fortune 50 that used a lot of Accenture workers. Those people (reps) are the unsung heroes of desk-level corporate service jobs.


How about we stop being all click-batey and say Accenture workers? Their paychecks isn’t something meta can control (aside from putting pressure on the company). This is purely an acn fuckup The article does specify Accenture but they keep bringing up Meta for click reasons.