Fetterman calls for ban on congressional stock trading

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100% agree. Everyone should agree. It’s a no brainer.


He’s right. It’s sickening what is happening. This is 100% a both sides issue. For too long, members of both parties have not only profited themselves from information only privy to the privileged, they have passed it on to their family members and friends to enrich them. It’s maddening that this gets a pass.


I’m a native of Western PA. John Fetterman will be President of the United States in the next decade. There is no one I’ve encountered in PA politics who resonates with the working class the way he does. Not only that, but he means what he says. He doesn’t church it up for sound bites. He’s even tempered, articulate, thoughtful, and people respect him because he speaks to their concerns. He will be President.


Only a few months until the primary get your act together Pennsylvania.


Rewatching Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, I came across an episode that had him as a guest when he was first starting out his political career. He was just a mayor of some small community outside of Pittsburgh. He seems like such a caring and down to earth guy.