German police under fire for misuse of COVID contact tracing app: German police used a contact tracing app to track down witnesses in a local crime case. The scandal has data protection advocates up in arms, with politicians warning that abuse of the app could undermine public trust

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>While trying to track down witnesses, ***police and prosecutors managed to successfully petition local health authorities*** to release data from the Luca app, which logs how long people stayed at an establishment. ​ they didn’t just steal the data.. it was ***given*** to them. the process was broken before the police got involved.


is anyone here actually surprised?


“Could undermine public trust” um more like “Will further undermine public trust”


It’s the luca app, right? *> opens article <* Jupp. This surprises absolutely no one. That app has been know to be completely devoid of any data protection considerations from the very get go. But it was easy and free so places started using it.


If you use the Luca app kinda deserved probably the worst tracking/Covid pass apps out there and we have like 4 different ones