If AITA required that we get the other person’s side of the story, we’d probably find a lot more assholes in that sub.

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Probably, people often get called out on leaving out information


I joined that sub for like a week, and every post was “this person was abusive in one way or another, am I the asshole for not liking being abused?” Literally every single one. The idea of the sub is cool, the stories are horrible


I always think the moment you have to ask if you’re being an a-hole the answer is almost always yes.


What amazes me is that people can tell a story entirely from their own viewpoint and it is still very clear they are the asshole.


I legit tried making a post in that sub called “AITA for pointing out the fact that that most of the people who post in this sub, that aren’t seen as the a-hole by people, would be seen as an a-hole if we got another side to the story?” some months ago It was sadly not eligible for posting on the sub