Inflation is still surging and some Democrats see one culprit: Greedy companies

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Do you believe companies will lower prices even if their cost of goods and cost of getting those goods falls? Edit: Since this blew up, yes, obviously excess profit is incentive for new market entrants. Eventually. Please “reference price”, “price stickiness”, and “substation cost” concepts for why competition alone isn’t always (or even usually) sufficient to overcome the incentive for companies to maintain any newfound profit margin. Also consider that any new market entrants, if successful, become acquisition targets.


Public losses, private gains. Cut the BS, corporations are not people.


Fucking finally someone is talking about it. Humans are the asset corporations are exploiting for shareholder benefit.


Here is a real world example: A jar of orange marmalade that I always buy from my local supermarket has been $2.98, for years…sometimes, they go on sale at 2 for $5, as the expiration date approaches. Back in October, the price rose from $2.98 to $3.48…a 16.7% rise. Last week, the price rose another $.50 to $3.98…a 33% rise…and well above the official rate of inflation. I will be buying my marmalade elsewhere, now.


The thing is this: we can’t exist in a society where the rules are effectively “Be as greedy as humanly possible” and then act all surprised when the top companies do just that. It’s like giving someone shit for killing people in the Hunger Games. The problem isn’t the contestants, it’s the games.