Inside Job (2010) – Oscar-winning documentary about the 2008 financial crisis, narrated by Matt Damon. [1:48:38]

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Glad they caught these guys now there is no more corruption, right guys?


Wonder what his thoughts on cryptocurrency are


I’ve never seen so many smug, rich entitled douchebags packed in to one documentary. ​ Also, why does Dick Fuld always look like he tortures puppies and kittens in order to get an erection


1 guy went to jail, they collapsed the economy and stole billions and got away with it


Great documentary from which we learn….that nothing is likely to change unless regulators are appointed who act in the interests of the people. Corporations have seized the reigns of power and are using the legislature to protect and enrich themselves. That’s a bit hyperbolic to say out loud and it sounds too much like a conspiracy or paranoia, but at issue is the constant drive for corporate growth (success) which is at odds with the need for human beings to feel content. Exploiting resources, including labour, is put ahead of well being and Governments generally seek economic success above all other considerations because that is the measure that corporations in particular have established as most important. Led by pressure from the leaders of industry successive Governments have helped accumulate wealth for a few individuals (relatively speaking; there may be a few thousand) at the expense of millions who are unable to live comfortably despite working a full-time job. Or sometimes two. The world is heavily in debt which makes no sense if you consider what that means. Everyone owes everyone else to the extent that resources are finite and costs must rise. But how can this be sustainable? The borrower owes the bank, the bank is only worth the value of loans that can get repaid (it has little cash), the government owes the bank (bonds and securities) and the borrower works to pay the bank and pays taxes to ensure the government can pay the bank. If the bank isn’t getting enough from the loans (defaults are too high) the government gives it money which the citizens have to pay back to the government. Often this citizen is also a borrower who already owes the bank money but must now work harder to help pay more to the bank. Banks are thriving by building debt (loans) and I believe we are headed for a huge market correction within the next 20 years. Forecasting models have repeatedy shown that capital-centric practices are likely to lead to the breakdown of current societal norms. The rich will lose their position when adjustments become inevitable.