James Webb Begins Its Months-Long Mirror Alignment

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It’s crazy to me all the things that could have gone wrong that haven’t. Clearly still some hurdles to go but the level of risk the JWST team has cleared thus far is so exciting.


If you’ve been watching the temperature you may note that the cold side has warmed from -201c to -200c since the mirrors have started moving.


After this initial alignment, how often do the mirrors need to be realigned / recalibrated over its lifetime? Or is this a one-and-done? I’m assuming if it does need realignment, it’s a much shorter task than this initial pass. To put it another way, is there anything that would cause misalignment during normal operations?


I’m sure there’s an obvious answer for this … by why does it take SO long?


Can I get one of those mirror motors for my 1980 Volvo rearview mirror? It’s started sagging when I drive.