Nancy Pelosi supports lawmakers trading stocks if they properly report the transactions. But 3 more members of Congress failed to meet that low standard.

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Seems like both present law *and* present enforcement need to be significantly strengthened.


Pelosi supports it because she’s part of the elite Washington cabal that doesn’t care about real people and cares only about money, status, and power. With this whole thing, she’s shown me that it’s not the Democrats or the Republicans that are the issue, it’s both of them. When something needs to get done for the American people, they can’t get anything done. When the people want changes in government, the elites stand in solidarity together. We should remove them ALL from office


Trading stocks when you have advance knowledge of impending legislation that could affect stock prices would be called insider trading if it were anyone else doing it. Pelosi and her ilk are crooks. They’d happily have you thrown in jail for doing what they’re doing. Pfizer stock was a hot buy in congress right before the vaccine mandates were announced. Must have been a coincidence…


If you support a law or rule then you support enforcement. If you don’t enforce punishment on people breaking the law then you are just talking bullshit. Most people are totally fine with breaking laws. Most people are not totally fine with having to face punishment. Guess what happens when there is no punishment?


Being a member a congress shouldn’t be about enriching yourself. Take your money Nancy and GTFO.