On the phone with the real world, Trump hangs up | The eternal lure of reasoning with the irrational

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Well, NPR gave him a chance to make his case. The fact that he just hung up is very revealing.


I long for the day that I never hear the name “Trump” ever again.


This is a perfect microcosm of trumps time occupying the White House, make some bold statements that are easily refuted, double down with lies and vague statements such as “if you look at – every one knows – people are saying “ with zero in the way of elaboration. Call people names, even those you hired and worked with because they said something that was the opposite of what you stated. Talk over the person you are engaged in conversation with and if all else fails…..run away (or in this case hang up) A twice impeached loser who never had a positive approval rating and lost the popular vote twice


>it’s revealing that Trump’s attempts to parry Inskeep were so wan that he simply had to give up the fight. I think its also a sign that he’s not serious about running again (at least I hope so). It sounds like he’d much rather stay in retirement now that he knows that being president is an actual job despite only performing 10% of it during his term.


The only thing that is accomplished by giving Trump a platform is that he is given an opportunity to re-traumatize the public. It’s like letting giving an abuser a platform to talk about how it wasn’t his fault.