Prime Minister Boris Johnson admits he attended No.10 ‘BYOB’ garden party during the height of the first lockdown, as Labour Leader Keir Starmer demands his resignation

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This is just Tory mps playing musical chairs. Boris has lost their support, so they leak info on him breaking the law. Vote of no confidence, boom hes gone. Torys still win because Labour cant compete atm. New Tory leader comes in, Johnson is a scapegoat. The cycle continues.


It’s weird because his excuse is that it was a work event which were also illegal at the time. It’s like saying sorry “I shot and murdered that guy, I was aiming for the guy next to him but I missed.”


One rule for the rich and powerful, another rule for everybody else.


He’s so getting pushed off the cliff as soon as the pandemic is over. The only reason it hasn’t happened sooner is because whoever takes over wants to be able to blame the whole thing on him. And people still won’t vote the tories out


If you’re asking for him to resign then make them all resign. I don’t like the scapegoat route. Personal responsibility isn’t doing the wrong thing and letting others solely take the blame.