Solar power will account for nearly half of new U.S. electric generating capacity in 2022

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Key word being “new”, this is still fantastic news and is better then how I thought things were going on the renewable energy front here in the US, but at first I read it as “half of electric generating capacity” and I was like “I call bull shit”. Hope we start to see more of the existing infrastructure getting replaced soon to!


I know I’m probably gonna get crucified for this but we should be spending more time and effort into generating more nuclear energy, it’s much more efficient than solar and wind and it has a smaller carbon footprint than solar as well.


Damn the anti-solar crowd is out in full force in the comments today.


I put in 36 panels, generate more than I use!


Solar energy is super popular where I am in Colorado, which makes sense considering the ridiculous amount of sunlight we get. They even have ads for solar panel home installation on the radio and stuff.