State Senator Sorry for Saying Teachers Should Be Neutral on Nazis

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Are you fncking kidding me? Fire this POS right away.


There us nothing neutral about authoritarian war criminals. In college, during one of my history courses, we could write a report on historical texts for extra credit. Our professor made a specific note on Mein Kampf, warning us that Hitler’s book could be persuasive and could even make you believe that he is right. And he told us that if we read the book and find ourselves agreeing with Hitler, we should come to him so that he could explain in more detail what Hitler’s true intentions were and how he made war and genocide seem palatable to average people. Nazis were and are monsters, that much is undeniable, and we should have more teachers like that professor who are ready to grapple with those ideas should they start to creep into the minds of students. To be “neutral” on the topic of Nazis only makes you, at best, complicit with their ideas and, at worst, leaves you and your students vulnerable to becoming monsters yourselves.


Just gonna take a guess and say it was a Republican.


He is sorry it got reported on.


He ain’t even a little sorry. He’s just mad he got caught