Steamable frozen bags of vegetables = the BEST when you want a healthy meal, but are tired and didn’t plan ahead with a crockpot. Just pair it with some protein and you’re good to go

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I use them in the air fryer, like that charred taste/texture 🙂


Also good to use in a stir fry/wok. Or you can boil them. Or you can add them to boiling potatoes at the end of their cooking time (depending on timing on the packaging) and make mashed potatoes enriched with vegetables. I love fresh vegetables but frozen vegetables are a great way to always have healthy (and cheap) vegetables ready to go.


It’s funny reading this because I’ve just come back from the shop with a bag of mixed frozen veg after jumping on the bandwagon recently. It might be boring to some people but some well seasoned chicken, rice and veg is my default meal and I fucking love it.


If you have a rice cooker (highly underrated kitchen appliance imo) you can add some frozen veggies and seasoning with the rice. Use broth instead of water if you want it to be extra yummy. I make that a vegetarian meal but it also makes a great side


Those broccoli bags should be renamed to stems, because that’s usually all that i get in mine