Study Finds Cannabis Compounds Prevent Infection By Covid-19 Virus

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Covid walks into your body and can’t remember what it came in for.


This article by Forbes is missing so much key information. Such as this has only been proven in a test tube, the test was performed in vitro, not through smoking or orally. The article does NOT say that the cannabinoids would be able to be taken orally to fight covid, IT SAYS THAT BECAUSE THESE COMPOUNDS CAN BE TAKEN ORALLY AND HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO BE SAFE, they have justification to continue their research in the hopes that eventually they would have a treatment that can be taken orally. Forbes completely fucked this article by editing and moving into around compared to the original posted by OSU. There is NO research that has been done or indication that any oRal treatment of covid using cannabis would be effective. Edit: Combined work of lead researcher from OSU and additional researchers from OSHU.


I’ve been building one hell of an immunity to COVID over the past few years then


I give it 12-24 hours before the first “weed cures covid” articles pop up.


In a test tube…. long way to go before South Park is proven correct.