Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch again doesn’t wear mask on bench, Sotomayor and Breyer log in remotely

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He’d be fired from a lot of jobs for insubordination. It’s weird how little of the real world these people have to deal with. It’s no wonder our government seems so out of touch with normal working folks. I feel like this was how Rome must have been in its dying days.


Gorsuch has failed to wear a mask on the bench during oral arguments since Friday, while the other justices who appeared did so in apparent recognition of the spread of the omicron variant.


The story reads like he used to wear a mask but stopped last Friday. I wish the article dug a little deeper.


Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think a judge should exercise good judgment.


Reminds me of the time Trump went to a presidential debate with Covid and maybe possibly tried to infect his opponent?