TIL about the diabolical ironclad beetle (Nosoderma diabolicum), a species of beetle which has one of the toughest exoskeletons of all insects, which lets it endure forces up to 39,000 times its body weight and makes it impossible to put a insect pin through without drilling a hole first

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The article closes with a sentence about it being almost predator proof…I wonder what wizardly predator accepts the challenge of devouring what would seem an indigestible prey


In a fight between a Diabolical Ironclad Beetle and a Mantis Shrimp, who would win? The unstoppable force or the unbreakable object?


Nosoderma Diabolicum sounds like some kind of skin eating demon


This wikipedia article is written like trash. “Goes to show the value of it’s protection.” Is this a 5th grade report?


What happens if I step on it