TIL: The Salish Wool Dog is an extinct breed of dog that was bred to produce wool that was prized among the Northwestern Salish Tribe.

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Why would you let a sheep that can herd itself disappear?


The Salish is not a single tribe. The Salish peoples are a number of distinct Nations.


Extinct because the market got flooded with cheap european textiles. As soon as i saw extinct i was hoping it wasnt because european colonization…


Imagine what a shit show it must have been herding these beasts


**Note**: of the extant Salish woven materials found to-date; the quantity of “wool dog fur” found within these materials is approximately equal to the amount of cat-fur you’d find in a scarf knitted by your grandmother. Though it’s perfectly possible dog-hair was interwoven deliberately, to-date there has been no evidence besides oral histories and European travelogues to suggest the actual existence of “dog wool”