Two black holes merged to form a huge one moving at incredible speeds – Astronomers have long suspected that merging black holes can give the resulting larger black hole a massive boost of speed, and have finally spotted this happening

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still amazing to me that black holes were hypothesized purely from inductive mathematical reasoning before there was any evidence they existed. now, scientists are making incredible real world observations and discoveries about them.


So the invisible moving death ball is now moving faster? Great


So these things bend spacetime, and cause gravitational ripples that cross the universe but laws of angular momentum still apply. Amazing.


Do you have a copy of the article. Subscribers only on the link.


This could be a really dumb question, but I’ve never seen it theorized anywhere that I know of and I’m sure there is probably a scientific reason for that. If black holes can merge, then could that mean that on a long enough timeline the entire universe could be overtaken by one giant black hole? And if so, could that lead to another bigbang? And if that’s true then could that mean that the universe is older than we thought and there have been multiple bigbangs? I.e is this a part of a cycle?