Y’all convinced me to finally try the can of sardines I had sitting in my pantry for months…

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This sounds very fancy and very good. I usually just go for the saltine and yellow mustard route.


As a kid (growing up overseas), we ate a lot of sardines. We’d mash them, whip them up with eggs, green onions and salt and pepper. Then fry them in a pan like you would a hamburger patty. Eat them with some sweet potatoes and some greens.


I love sardines. If you enjoy mustard I recommend trying the ones canned in mustard sauce. They are delicious straight from the can or on toast with some red onion.


Man. I love sardines. Straight from the can with saltines.


I like fish, a lot. Grilled salmon, baked cod, sole, shrimp, scallops, tuna sandwiches, sushi. But I don’t really understand this. What is the texture like? Is it just fish mush? Is it bones and stuff? ETA I don’t mean to sound like I’m dismissing it, I want to try! I just don’t get what exactly it is that I’d be trying…