Young Americans are driving less than their elders. According to a US study, millennials are waiting longer to get their driver’s licenses, while some are choosing not to drive altogether—particularly those who live in large cities.

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Cars are expensive and ill suited to densely populated areas. Younger people are poor and prefer to live in densely populated areas. I love driving the back roads, but city driving sucks ass, so I can entirely understand why someone who lives in a city with good public transit would chose to not have a car at all.


The youngest millennials are 25. That’s not just waiting or hesitation.


Younger people earn less than the previous generation and cars have become way morr expensive than what was in past 10-15 years. Add that to climate change and resulting vilifying of cars as bad pollutants, we have less amount of young people driving or even learning to drive. I am a petrol head, and also a master’s student (28/M) who is in his last semester and still haven’t bought my first car because it is too damn expensive on doing part time jobs. I will buy my first car after graduating and starting a full time professional job.


For generations we’ve been told cars are bad, burning fossil fuels will destroy the planet. So why is anyone surprised Millennials and Gen Z aren’t interested in the romanticism of the American Auto like Boomers?


Its a good development. Public transportation and alternative transport is much better for the environment. What’s better than driving an electric car? Public transportation. And what’s better than public transportation? Walking or cycling. Modern infrastructure should focus on offering diverse range of transport options instead of being solely car focused. It even helps with traffic congestion because there’s less cars on the road. Its just a win win win situation. There’s even studies that show it’s good for the economy because increased foot traffic increased sales at small shops especially in small towns.