Autonomous Delivery Robot Adds External Airbags for When It Inevitably Crashes Into People

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Does anyone know how they perform when tossed in to bodies of water/flipped? Asking for an Australian eshay.


I gaze into my crystal ball and I see a filthy, never been cleaned airbag pushing me out of the way while I’m trying to figure out why my autonomous Uber is late.


For when I boot it into the damned street. Sidewalks are for PEOPLE.


Good move. That way it can deliver faster whilst avoid getting sued, because the airbags make it less painful when they crash into people. This should be in /r/facepalm.


So, when its sensors fail to detect the person in the street it will use those same sensors to trigger the airbag in time? Car airbag systems work by detecting a large deceleration over a short time, which in the case of the vehicle hitting someone, will be too late. I guess this way you can make sure to eliminate scratches and the need to clean off the blood from the front of the robot.