Bald eagle populations have slowly recovered from near devastation after the government banned DDT in 1972, but another ongoing issue has weakened that rebound – lead poisoning from gunshot ammunition.

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In upstate NY last summer I saw one in person for the first time in my life. It flew within 15 feet of me as it went by! Such a majestic bird! They’re much bigger than they appear on TV.


Lead is already illegal to use for waterfowl hunting on a federal level. The reasoning is not just because a hunter say shoots a duck, can’t find it and a scavenger then ingests a few pellets. The real issue is the shot is about the perfect size for the crop on birds that aids in digestion. They eat the shot to store in the crop and then it will leech through their entire system. Source: I’m an ecologist, conservationist, wildlife fanatic and hunter


I believe California condors are devastated by lead poisoning too. There was a movement to get hunters to switch from using lead ammo but it didn’t gain a lot of traction because a lot of hunters ‘didn’t like the non-lead bullets’.


The government could really help by offering subsidies for lead free shot. The problem currently is good lead free shot cost 4-5x the amount of steel or lead shot


Quote ” reduced population growth by 4% to 6% annually in the Northeast.” Yeah, lets blame hunters for a TEENY TINY negative blip in population growth. Easy group to target, media will jump on board, plus every knows they are a bunch of trump supporters anyway. I’m sure we’ll see media coverage about the extra taxes on ammo that are used for all kinds of habitat improvement…um no.