California Democrats’ push to create single-payer health care plan passes 1st hurdle

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A single payer system would be much cheaper for everyone. We will only be paying for the cost of health care and administration. We won’t be paying for the outrageous profits of the insurance companies anymore. That huge sinkhole of money will be gone. It’s time to cut out the greedy middle-men who contribute nothing to our health.


I used to work for Aetna and Healthnet on network contract agreements. They take 13% of the profit from providers, double dip by asking for hundreds of dollars a pay period to provide the minimal coverage of health check ups. By market cap: United Health 442 billion usd Anthem (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) 108 billion usd Aetna CVS 70 billion USD In Monopoly mechanics, this is an industry arbitrating a fee every time you pass “GO”.


I can’t wait for this to pass so that when it doesn’t immediately make healthcare perfect because of all the BS republicans will do to sabotage it, Republicans can use it as damning proof that single players systems don’t work as we go back to being priced out of living. I saw a home renovation youtuber from Canada once make a joke about how if he hurt himself he’d have to go wait at the hospital for an hour for someone to look at it, and then he totally unironically said “But hey it’s free, so I guess that’s our consolation prize.” with a sarcastic shrug. As though it being completely free was this paltry, meaningless thing.


taxes instead of premiums sounds good.. also, not going bankrupt before I die and leaving my family to fend for themselves so some insurance greasebag can do coke off a hookers boobs sounds good


Dems need to learn to operate without republicans. They do not negotiate in good faith, so just sideline them completely as much as possible. This scorched earth approach seems to work fine for them, and I’m totally comfortable ignoring all their pleas and complaints.