Car Companies Argue That Right-to-Repair Law Is Unconstitutional

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Which article of the constitution, in particular, does this violate?


If I bought a product as far as I’m concerned it’s mine and should not be forced into a compliance. Something like this will lead to companies abusing their new found forced demand. Then It becomes incentivizing to make worse machines that need repairs more to increase profits. Why else would they care so much about who’s repairing it? They want a forced demand that they can perfectly influence. Great for economics of complete extraction of value from the consumer. Bad for consumers as we bleed out by a thousand cuts


People have to argue for years just to get law makers to talk about/recognize right to repair. Major producers wag a finger and get immediate results. Hopefully the article is right and they’ll waste more money, but wouldn’t be surprised if they end up with another loop hole


How dare people try to fix something that they legally own!


“Fuck em.” Alex Trebek