‘Code red’: Melbourne businesses say Omicron wave more damaging than lockdown

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It’s almost as if lockdowns aren’t some arbitrary punishment dished out by governments, but instead the way to have the *least* overall impact of a dangerous pandemic.


During the lockdowns there was more monetary support. Now there’s none I don’t have an income at all and as such have no discretionary spending


Probably should have thought of that when they were all demanding an end to lockdowns a few months ago. I’m sure they’ll claim that someone else should have done the thinking for them.


The medical experts have all ‘very clearly spelled out’ this was _entirely predictable_ but we have a Federal Govt that tries to put the economy above Health and has been aggressively pushing a ___let it rip___ paradigm and now most of Australia is in a far worse state than we ever were with controlled lockdowns.


Are these all the same businesses that were pushing for lockdowns to end because it was ruining their business? *surprised pikachu*