Coders of Reddit, Where do you start to learn to code if you know nothing about coding?

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Codecademy for HTML, CSS, Javascript. MSDN and YouTube for C# (or whatever else you want to learn). Set aside some time each day (I used to do just 30-60 minutes after dinner).


By having an idea of something you want to do. A lot of tutorials will have you make to-do apps or basic websites but when you have a project of your own you are already more invested in figuring out how to do it. The to-do apps just teach you the building blocks to adapt to your own work. Obviously don’t pick some lofty goal that would require years of work even from experienced teams but something that solves a small problem for you or something fun. I started programming small text adventure games in BASIC as a kid. Then I made some small mods for games, my own website, things like that. Now many years later I program all kinds of web based software for a living. A big part of programming involves reading documentation and understanding the fundamentals of the programming language well so you can adapt what you read.


Excuse me while I bookmark this page so I can use it to begin an escape from my shitty job and dead end industry.


Books, online tutorials, Freecodecamp, The Odin Project


I used *Java for Dummies*.