Daily Simple Questions Thread – January 13, 2022

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Is it okay to take multiple cool down breaks in a set of light dumbbells (5kg but I am a woman if that impacts anything) and body weight exercises? I usually stop for water every 10-15 mins but get distracted by my phone and sometimes stop breathing so hard and sweating. Is that terrible for strength exercises or is it just a matter of getting all the exercises done? I’m not concerned about optimal training, just decent improvements and increased conditioning over time.


When you go for a PR how do you typically do your warm up sets? I feel I may have done to many thus impacting my ability to set a new PR the other day.


do most gyms care if you are wearing jeans or not because I have yet to see anyone in my gym do? Sometimes I finish school early and want to get a session in in jeans but dunno if I’ll get told off or not


Quick question. Im thinking about supplementing omega3, since i dont eat much fish. But they are not very cheap, so i want to ask, are omega3 supplements really working (for health and strenght training benefits) or is it not worth it ? Thanks


What are daily cardio exercises I can do at home which will help improve my health?