Delta loses $408 million; 8,000 employees contract Covid over the last four weeks

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They keep telling us that airplanes are safe and the air is so well filtered that we shouldn’t worry. But they neglect to mention that you often spend as much time in airports, and in aircraft on the ground where the filtrations systems aren’t running at capacity (because they are on ground support). Travel, where you are in high density situations (planes, subways, busses – stations, security checkpioints) all come with increased risk of transmission.


Delta should have just stopped eating avocado toast and saved some cash for lean times


Thats what happens when you name your airline after a covid variant. Just sayin.


Wow that’s crazy who could have possibly predicted this could happen lol.


Don’t you just love how the company’s money loss is mentioned before their disproportionate covid cases like that’s the bigger priority?