Even in ‘deflationary’ Japan, prices are shooting upwards amid pandemic

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Correct me if I’m wrong, in a deflationary state, prices still rise because of the larger umbrella economy. If Japan were to hypothetically completely sourcing its goods internally, prices drop. But because we are an interconnected global economy, the deflation has not much effect on prices. And if that is the case, does this not mean that our global economy is failing to represent the everyday human?


You know you’re in for a wild ride when the country for “what a shrinking population can do to your economic future” is named after has prices inflated at this rate- time to yolo it all into crypto and try to pull it out last minute before it really crashes so hard we end up back in the Stone Age.


Joe Biden strikes again. /s When oh when will the madness stop, I ask, and look at the word counter, watching it creep slowly but steadily toward the magical threshold where my catty but too short comment will escape the gaze of the auto censor.


This proves inflation is transitory and caused by covid supply chain issues. Too bad Americans don’t know how to save and cant handle a few months of inflation. I fully expect the public opinion of force the Fed into responding which will cause way more damage. Nothing is different now than 2018 except for Covid. Raise interest rates and we’ll see a repeat of the Dec 2018 charts 📉