Exposure to phthalates—a group of chemicals found in everything from plastics to personal care products—may disrupt an important hormone needed to sustain a healthy pregnancy. Levels were strongest in women who developed pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Pretty sure this has been known for a while in the beauty care industry. Probably nice to have a scientific study about it on hand though.


Phthalates and materials like Bisphenol A have been chosen for use as polymer plasticizers after screening countless compounds to find those with extremely low acute toxicity. Their LD50 is higher than some foodstuffs. But if turns out they have other long term effects.


It also causes low sperm count.


Why is this news? I’ve worked in fashion accessories industry many years ago and it was already standard practice in the industry to test all product for Phthalates among a group of other chemicals.


This is why I don’t eat plastic.