Fact checkers say YouTube lets its platform be ‘weaponized’

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“Fact checking” is the least of YouTube’s problems to be honest. Blatant scams targeting children. “Alternative medicine” videos that push dangerously toxic “therapies”. Bizarre videos that seem to promote violence between and toward children and from children toward parents. Questionable or outright dangerous “life hacks”. Videos of deadly risk taking behavior.


Their spokeswoman gave such a classic nonanswer.


Old man rants at cloud. News at 11. Someday people will wake up to the _fact_ that anybody can call themselves a “fact checker” and that by and large they are nothing more than false objectivity propped up to push a chosen narrative, just like everything else in the media.


please, at least write “fact checkers” in quotes…


Weaponized misinformation is not a new thing.