First time homeowner trying to sell

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If you “don’t know what to do” I wouldn’t try to sell your house on your own. You’ll likely get ripped off by someone more savvy. The whole “our neighbors know some people…” is pretty alarming in itself. Please be careful. I would highly advise you to get someone who knows more about real estate law involved in the process.


Hire an attorney, it should be cheaper than a realtor depending on your market. Being “firm about what you want” won’t hold up in a court of law if you get into trouble. You mentioned below you don’t even know what an MLS is. Please, get in touch with someone that has a clue; for most people a real estate transaction is one of their largest financial moves. You don’t wanna screw it up with this ridiculous notion you’ll be fine as long as you’re “firm” on what you want.


You’re going to leave a lot of money on the table in this market doing an off-market deal. If you owned fine art you wouldn’t sell it to your next door neighbor, you’d take it to Sotheby’s to have it auctioned. You should get representation and properly market your house to the public in order to get the largest buyer pool.


If you hire an agent, they put your house in MLS. This gives more visibility to prospective buyers.


Unless you know the market well and how much your house should get, going to one buyer is a way to lose money. If you don’t know this info, then get an agent and have it posted on MLS. The more people that see the house, the more offers you will get. Also, you can consider putting it up yourself on Zillow, but again you need to do the research on howuch it’s worth and taking great pics and writing up a good listing.