Gettr Promised Users It Would Free Them From Big Tech, But It’s Tracking Them for Facebook and Google

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So … it frees you by showing you that you should stop using those products, as well as their own? That’s a kind of ballsy way to solve a problem.


This is hardly even the smallest drop in the pool of data that meta and Google have in your profile. After iOS 13, cookies are less effective, so these companies have moved to tracking device IDs. They’ll set up geofences at locations and ping devices that spend certain amounts of time in specific fences and then build an advertising portfolio to match. If “Google is tracking me” is the best reason you have to not use gettr, you may want to investigate exactly how much Google is tracking you anyway.


> Gettr’s code includes two trackers which are ubiquitous across the web—a browser cookie that tracks users for Google’s sprawling AdSense network, and the infamous Facebook pixel, a tiny dot embedded in millions of sites across the web that pings Facebook every time it’s loaded. These tools functionally allow Gettr to take advantage of the same kind of omnipresent web-tracking technology its principals, such as former Donald Trump aide and CEO Jason Miller, have decried. The price of admission is of course sharing that trove of data with Facebook and Google.


The intended audience doesn’t exist in reality so when MSM says it’s happening, as it is, it will be discarded as fake news since “they don’t believe MSM”.


So… Another right wing grift?