Google’s loss to Sonos settles it: Big Tech has an IP piracy problem – TechCrunch

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corporations have been bribing US politicians to remove the teeth from the laws that used to protect against that sort of thing. what exactly did they EXPECT would happen?…that without the threat of the laws…..corporations would just do the right thing?….get real.


It’s crazy to me that something as silly as volume control across more than 1 device is something that was able to be patented.


It’s not always a piracy issue, it’s also a patent troll issue and patent laws that haven’t kept up with modern technology.


This press release or campaign talking points are right on the problem and wrong about the solution. The act would hurt more smaller innovators than big tech. The problem is that you can get a patent for something that doesn’t work. This again only helps big tech who have the money to scrub the internet for any idea and paten it before the creators. Right problem, wrong solution


Remind me what amazing “ip” they pirated? Oh yeah. The idea that one volume slider can control more than two speakers. What an amazing genius insight. How could a Google engineer possibly have such a big idea without seeing it somewhere else?