Haley Stevens Says Capitol Police Must Address Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Dangerous Threats’

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She harassed a school shooting survivor while carrying a concealed weapon. She then posted it online and *bragged* about it saying “I already picked on him twice and he ran away from me.” That alone should’ve ended her “career” but we are living in bizarro world so it doesn’t matter. She is a coward and clearly not mentally well.


They are just proving they can get away with it to foment unrest. The only way to stop fascist is to apply swift and firm consequences


I hope more members come out in support of this.


Super glue a penny to the floor of Congress. That’ll keep her busy for a while.


There is no justification for the kind of threats that Marjorie Taylor Greene made against the Capitol Police. These types of threats are not only dangerous, but they are also unacceptable. The Capitol Police must take appropriate action to address this situation.