Hawley introduces bill banning lawmakers from making stock trades in office

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Yeah I’m gonna need to see the language in that bill. I have zero trust in anything Josh Hallway does.


Fuck Hawley. He literally did this just to beat Sen. Osoff to the punch cuz he lost his political “clout” when everyone realized what a shit head he was.


First day of training for work in the federal government we were informed that certain positions barred trading in stocks. It’s laughable to think we have more influence than people in freaking congress lol.


How about a bill that bans seditionists from office?


Hawley wants members of congress to forfeit profits and tax deductions from stock trades, with the possibility of more fines. Ossof wants members to forfeit their salaries if they trade stocks. I’m curious to see if they can both get behind one bill. We may as well let that terrorist do something nice while we push the Democrats to disqualify him from holding office.