I only have 50 dollars to my name and am in desperate need of advice

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A few questions for you: Have you looked into getting a student loan or a personal loan from a bank (not a payday lender)? Is your partner’s name on the lease? What’s the cost to terminate the lease? Look up food banks in your area and visit one tomorrow to get some food. You deserve to be fed and right now you cannot afford food, so do not be ashamed to use resources. You can start driving for Uber or doordash if you lose your Starbucks job, although tbh I think you should start doing it anyway because you need the money for school parking. Is there any way you can take public transport to college to avoid the parking fees? Like park at a train station and ride the train to school? Call your college’s financial aid office and see if there are federal student loans you can take out and/or if there are resources for students going through financial hardship


I second the cans/bottles, donating plasma, and side jobs. Call any lenders who you are in contract to make a payment to within the next 30 days and explain your situation. Tell them that you need to arrange a promise to pay/post-dated payment arrangement. They won’t like it, they might not even work with you, but they will almost certainly appreciate the heads up, and will likely recognize it as good-faith for reaching out. There are endless folks hiring right now for all jobs. Even if its less than what you feel you’re worth, low paying jobs pay better than no-paying jobs. and Most important, sit back and enjoy the ride while it lasts. Find the light in the darkness and you’ll be back on your feet before you know it.


Take the bus. Most schools offer free public transportation memberships. Look into school resources for free food; look at charity centers that offer services/food to people from community i.e. sacred heart comm cntr. Call your credit card, tell them it’s difficult at the moment to pay, see what they say


* Collect cans/bottles and recycle them * Look into donating sperm or blood plasma * Look for side hustles, maybe you can mow somebody’s lawn for 20 bucks or whatever, do that a few times and it adds up * Apply for food stamps and go to food banks


This isn’t financial advice but I just wanted to tell you that I value you and I’m really sorry that this is happening to you. I’ve been in your position before and even though I don’t know you, I’m so proud of your tenacity. Please don’t give up. I know it looks bleak now but I’m rooting for you.