I want to cancel my gym membership. I completed my 1 year contract. When I called them, they say I have to come in person and fill out a form.

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They’ll send it to collections if you attempt to do a chargeback. Just do the work and go to the gym and cancel in person or whatever hoops they want you to jump through. It’s a tactic they use to keep you locked in, don’t play their game.


I broke my neck and became a quadriplegic. Called my gym to cancel my membership and they told me that I need to come in in person to sign the paperwork. I said “Dude I cannot move my arms or legs I am not able to come in.” They said, “Okay… Well can you tell me why you are wanting to cancel your membership?” Lol


Gyms are super scuzzy, they use these super complicated processes to try and get you to give up, and they will send the debt to a collection agency without hesistation. Just do the form pronto, and take my advice spend the $6 to send it certified mail so you have proof of delivery


Cancelling a gym membership has to be the least consumer friendly thing ever. They make it so difficult, and so frustrating. Good luck.


You have a contract with them. Follow the process. Not paying is not canceling and will just cause you to have more months owed, more fees, debt collection and tanked credit.