Italy: Enough Signatures Collected to Put Marijuana and Magic Mushrooms Initiative to a Vote

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its crazy that people have to fight so hard for their right just to eat a mushroom.


I studied abroad in Italy in the late ‘90s and it was so far outside the mainstream at that point that like neighborhood kids would be shunned in the community if they were thought to be pot users


I’m italian, I didn’t hear about the magic mushrooms. There was a referendum to legalize weed (legalize it, not make it available for sale like in the Netherlands)


Is this just a similar thing to the UK’s petitions where if they get 10,000 votes the government has to respond, in which they always turn around and just go ‘yeah, no, cannabis is bad’?


I’m so sick of reading about progress in other countries and not mine. I mean I’m happy for the people of those countries but Jesus Christ, USA, you’re being very undude.