January 6th committee subpoenas records from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Reddit

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The stories about the 11 people just indited for Seditious conspiracy, are being removed within minutes from r/politics… Very odd.


Oh shit, they’re gonna get access to my comments where I told the 1/6 insurrectionists to get fucked.


“But but but I DELETED all those messages and posts!” Lolol


In a statement, select committee chairman Bennie Thompson said the panel of seven Democrats and two Republicans is looking for information to answer two “key questions” of “how the spread of misinformation and violent extremism contributed to the violent attack on our democracy” and “what steps—if any—social media companies took to prevent their platforms from being breeding grounds for radicalizing people to violence”.


Some team of poor suffering interns is going to have to wade through T_D, r/conservative, myriad PEPE subs and the “*we had nowhere else to go*” whiny landing places like early r/actualpublicfreakouts. There is no cure for the misery about to infect them.